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  • Adiós Wrinkles

    2 min read

    Adiós Wrinkles

    Introducing our most advanced anti aging mask ever.

    After the age of 20 our collagen levels dramatically decrease; as a result skin becomes more fragile with fine lines and wrinkles starting to appear. There is also the diminished functioning of the oil and sweat glands making skin drier. Not to mention external factors such as stress, pollution and UV damage which accelerate the aging process.

    When it comes to anti aging skin care products the list seems to stretch on for days but not all are created equal.

    “Anti aging products form the cornerstone of our brand. We are incredibly well versed at developing products which are not only effective at treating the signs of aging but also easy on the pocket.

    As a truly independent and majority women owned brand we feel very strongly about developing products that provide real results.”

    Samantha Wilson, Director at Skin Republic.

    This brand ethos is what drove Skin Republic’s latest product launch, Wrinkle Smooth Complex + Adenosine Face Mask. Infused with proven anti aging ingredients adenosine and plant stem cell – ones of the world’s most sought-after skin care ingredients – this mask not only smoothes away fine lines and wrinkles but also renews existing skin cells. A recent study showed that after two months of topically applying adenosine there were significant improvements in skin smoothness and a decreased appearance of crow’s feet and frown lines. Adenosine’s anti-wrinkle prowess can be attributed to its ability to increase collagen levels. As we know collagen forms the building blocks human cells and where it is abundant skin appears firm, plump and supple. Stem cell plant protein is one of the world’s most innovative skin care ingredients. The stem cells are extracted from green tea and are well known for their unprecedented rejuvenating and revitalising properties helping not only to repair damaged skin cells but also super-charge existing ones.

    The Skin Republic Wrinkle Smooth Complex + Adenosine Face Mask is saturated in this powerhouse anti aging formula providing a concentrated and continuous dose of ingredients during the 20-minute application time. Even better, this mask and packaging are biodegradable. And they say unicorns don’t exist.