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    Skin Republic hand and foot masks

    Unlike ordinary hand and foot treatments, the nourishing serum is contained within a dual layered glove or bootie. The inner mask contains a nourishing serum packed with pure Plant Extracts, while the outer layer remains completely dry.

    The dual layered hand and foot maks provide a continuous and concentrated dose of ingredients making them more effective than creams which begin to evaporate after being applied. Not only are dual layered masks more effective but they are easier to use. A dry outer layer means you can continue with daily activities while wearing the masks.

    The Skin Republic Foot Peel may only be used once every 6 weeks.

    The Foot Repair and Foot Active should be suitable for diabetics. However due to the Alpha Hydroxy Acids in the Foot Peel we recommend you consult your doctor before using this product.

    Skin Republic Serums

    A serum is usually a liquid or gel containing high concentrations of skin care ingredient or actives. These actives are designed to penetrate deeper into your skin than other topical treatments, like your moisturiser. Serums target different skin concerns from wrinkles and fine lines to dryness and pimples.

    In short, yes. If your skin care routine consists of 1 step or 15, serums should always be a priority. You’re also never too young to start incorporating a serum into your skin care routine. As serums contain potent concentrations of active ingredients, it’s important to know which skin care concern you are trying to target.

    Serums are best applied after a toner or essence and before your moisturiser.

    Skin Republic's Hyaluronic Acid 1% Serum safe to use in the morning and evening.

    Skin Republic Retinoid 1% and Vitamin C 6% serums contain high percentages of active ingredients. We recommend starting slowly with these serums – once in the evening every second or third day while your skin builds up tolerance. You can move to daily application once you have no irritation. Don’t forget to apply a broad spectrum SPF after use.

    Yes, yes, yes! Please see our guide on patch testing here.

    We don’t recommend using the Retinol 1% Serum when pregnant. For the other serums please consult with your doctor.

    Store in a cool dry place at 5-25°C. Refrigerate after opening.

    Skin Republic serums contains high percentages of active ingredients which may cause irritation, redness and peeling, especially around the eyes and mouth, in the early stages of treatment, while skin builds up a tolerance. If persistent irritation occurs, cease use and consult a physician. Use only as directed on unbroken skin. 

    The Vitamin C 6% and Retinoid Complex 1% Serums should not be combined as they both speed up skin cell turnover.

    If you are a serum novice we recommend using the products every second or third day while your skin builds up tolerance and then increasing to daily. We also strongly recommend conducting a patch test.

    Our serums contain high concentrations of active ingredients and as such you may experience some redness, irritation or peeling while your skin builds up tolerance. If this happens reduce the frequency of use. If irritation persists discontinue use.

    The Retinoid 1% Serum contains olive oil which also accounts for the yellow colour of the serum. The Vitamin C 6% Serum contains small amounts of citrus limon peel oil and the Hyaluronic Acid 1% Serum contains no oil.

    This serum contains olive oil which accounts for the natural yellow colour of the serum.