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  • Skin Republic Rewards Program

    Earn points when you buy your favourite Skin Republic products

    How to earn points

    The Skin Republic Rewards Program is exclusive to customers registered on There are a number of ways to earn points which can be redeemed for discounts on The more points you earn, the better the discount. 

    1. Sign up

    Click here to sign up or click the Rewards button at the bottom of the screen. By signing up to the Skin Republic rewards program you'll earn 10 000 points. 

    2. Follow us on social

    You'll earn 10 000 points when you follow Skin Republic on Instagram or Like us on Facebook. If you follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook, you'll earn 20 000 points!

    3. Place an order

    Once you've signed up to the Skin Republic rewards program, for every R1 you spend on, you'll earn 25 points.

    How to check your points balance

    Click here to open up the rewards panel or click on the Rewards button at the bottom of the screen. Make sure you have signed up for the Skin Republic rewards program and are logged in. Your Skin Republic Points balance is displayed at the top or the rewards panel.

    How to redeem points

    If you have a positive balance, click on 'Ways to redeem'. On the next panel, click the Redeem button to claim your order discount. Use the slider to choose how many Skin Republic points you want to use. Click the Redeem button once more and you'll be presented with a discount code to use on your next order. If you are not ready to shop, your discount code will be emailed to you. This way you can use it whenever you are ready to place a new order on 

    How to use your discount code

    When you are ready to use your discount code, head over to and fill the cart with your Skin Republic favourites. When you are ready to pay, grab your discount code from the email we sent or check your rewards by clicking the Rewards button at the bottom of the site. Head to the checkout page, enter your discount code and click apply. Voila! Your discount will be applied to your order. 

    Please note: Discount codes can not be combined. Make sure you are happy with the reward you are claiming when you redeem your points. We are unable to refund claimed points. We recommend spending all of your points at once to claim the maximum discount.