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  • AHA, BHA and charcoal. The power trio for clearer skin. Read more

  • AHA, BHA and charcoal: The power trio for clearer skin

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    AHA, BHA and charcoal: The power trio for clearer skin

    The journey to clear, radiant skin often leads us down a winding path of product exploration. Luckily, our AHA + BHA 10% Charcoal Complex Serum, a potent concoction boasting a trifecta of ingredients, is the perfect solution for clear, blemish free skin.


    Alpha hydroxy acids act as chemical exfoliants, dissolving the bonds that hold dead skin cells together. Glycolic and lactic acid, the two primary AHAs in this serum, effectively reveal the brighter, fresher layers beneath.


    Beta hydroxy acids delve deeper, targeting oil and sebum within the pores. Salicylic acid, the key BHA player, acts as a pore-purifying warrior, preventing breakouts and blackheads.

    Activated charcoal

    The final member of this powerhouse serum, serves as an adsorbent, drawing out impurities and excess oil. It mattifies the skin, offering a temporary pore-minimizing effect.

    Synergistically, these ingredients work to:

    • Exfoliate dead skin cells 
    • Dissolve pore-clogging sebum and debris 
    • Minimize the appearance of pores 
    • Refine skin texture 
    • Promote a brighter, more even complexion
    Our AHA + BHA 10% Charcoal Complex Serum presents a scientifically sound approach to tackling clogged pores, blemishes, and dullness.

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