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  • Clear Acne Overnight

    2 min read

    Clear Acne Overnight

    Introducing Skin Republic’s Spot Clear Patch

    Pimples invariably rear their ugly heads (excuse the pun) when most inconvenient usually before a date or big event sending us into a panic spin. What if we told you there is a little patch that clears pimples while you sleep? Unlike other spot treatments which can dry skin out causing flaking and redness these transparent patches are placed over the pimple – like little clear bandages – and draw out fluid from the pimple. This causes the pimple to flatten out and reduces redness. These patches also prevent you from fiddling with your pimples which invariably leads to a bigger pimple – thanks to the bacteria being passed from your hands onto your face - and eventually scarring.

    The Skin Republic Spot Clear Patches are transparent hydrocolloid circles which adhere to the pimple drawing out the oil and gunk while blasting it with a concentrated and continuous dose of breakout-banishing ingredients. Hydrocolloid dressings are used in medicine for their ability to enhance wound healing—they can stick to your skin, form a protective seal over a wound, and absorb excess fluid. This also stops any further bacteria and irritation to the pimple. Each Spot Clear Patch is infused with salicylic acid and tea tree to not only expedite the process of healing, but also prevents the return of pimples.

    Tea tree is an excellent anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal ingredient helping to clear up pimples fast without over drying. Its soothing properties also help reduce redness and swelling. When it comes to squeaky clean skin, you don’t get much better than salicylic acid. This superstar cleaner not only cleans around the pores but also within the pore itself. The exfoliating properties of salicylic acid also assist in removing flaking skin and lightening any scarring left over from pimples.

    The patches should be worn for at least a couple hours (thanks to their transparency you can wear them all day undetected) or overnight.

    The Skin Republic Spot Clear Patches include 48 patches in two sizes to tackle big and small pimples.