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Flawless Skin In A Flash

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Flawless Skin In A Flash

In a world where waiting more than a second for an Instagram photo to load can cause you to give up on your feed altogether it’s a wonder we all still settle for beauty products that promise results in four to six weeks. Yes, we expect to put a bit more time and effort into our skin than we do social media, but that doesn’t mean instant effects are out of the question.
3 Minute Prime and Refine Sheet Mask Online - Skin Republic
This was one of the reasons we developed the Prime + Refine 3 Minute Primer. We wanted to bridge the gap between long-term skin care benefits and instant results.
Think of it as your fave Instagram filter, but IRL. Our new express face sheet mask helps your makeup go on better and prevents it from slipping of by 12pm, if that’s not worth its weight in gold, what is?

Instant results, this mask blurs imperfections and pores, hydrating and smoothing, providing the perfect canvas for makeup application. Containing cutting-edge hydro-blur technology, this mask does to your face what good lingerie does for your figure. It smoothes, flatters and conceals so that everything you put on looks immediately better.
3 Minute Prime and Refine Sheet Mask Online - Skin Republic
Long term skin care results, the formulation includes antioxidant-rich pomegranate which protects the skin, as well as vitamin E and chamomile which hydrate and visibly plump.
All this packed into a serum infused sheet mask which, as we know are far superior at delivering skincare ingredients than traditional creams. It also stops any dirt and bacteria from being passed onto your skin, helping to prevent breakouts.

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