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  • Introducing our 10-second Skin Analyser

    2 min read

    Introducing our 10-second Skin Analyser

    Skin Republic’s unique tool that will steer you towards your healthiest skin ever! In just 10 seconds our skin analyser identifies your skin’s top concerns, allowing us to provide you with a personalized product prescription.

    How do you use the Skin Republic 10-Second Skin Analyser? Simple! Remove the cap and turn the device one. Place the electrodes on your cheek (don’t worry it doesn’t hurt) and wait until you hear a beep. Remove the device and check your reading. A hydration level between 30 – 40% and a skin oil level of between 16 – 30% is considered normal. If you find your skin is particularly dehydrated (below 30%) try one of our Hydration Sheet Masks. If you are suffering from high oil levels, then we recommend one of our Spot Control Masks. Remember to check your elasticity too!

    Why is Skin Hydration so important? Hydrated skin helps improve skin’s elasticity which helps prevent wrinkles, sagging and fine lines. Interestingly, hydrated skin helps to fight oiliness. If your skin is dehydrated it will produce more oil as it is compensating for the lack of moisture.

    10 Second Skin Analyser Online - Cape Town - Skin Republic

    How do you maintain hydration? Regular use of sheet masks is one sure fire way to up your hydration levels. We found that 1-hour post sheet mask treatment skin was 30% more hydrated. And after 12 hours skin’s hydration was up 18%. Your skin’s hydration levels will naturally fall during the day as moisture evaporates however studies have shown that regular use of sheet masks increases your skin base hydration levels.

    Skin Republic 10-Second Skin Analyser Online

    How often should you replace lost moisture? You should moisturise your skin after every time you cleanse – ideally twice a day. This can be in the form of a moisturiser cream or for an extra moisture boost one of our hydrating sheet masks. For best results we recommend using our masks twice a week for the first month but if you’re a sheet mask junkie they are gentle enough to be used every day.


    The Skin Republic 10-Second Skin Analyser is available for purchase exclusively from and Superbalist.