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  • Skin Care Alphabet: B

    2 min read

    Skin Care Alphabet: B

    Not sure what all those ingredients mean on the back of your skin care products? Then you’ll need to read this article, where we demystify all the "B" ingredients.

    B is for…

    Skin Republic Skin Care Alphabet - B - Brown Sugar

    Brown Sugar

    Brown sugar is an excellent natural exfoliant, helping to remove dead, dull and damaged skin cells. This helps your skin appear smoother, softer, and more even. It also allows skin care ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin, making them more effective. Brown sugar contains glycolic acid which is a powder anti-bacterial skin care ingredient. In addition, glycolic acid is an alpha-hydroxyl acid, which is essential for overall skin health. Try our 2 Step Brightening Vitamin C + Collagen Face Mask for an excellent dose of brown sugar.

    Shop 2 Step Brightening Vitamin C + Collagen Face Mask

    Skin Republic Skin Care Alphabet - B - Blueberries


    Rich in antioxidants there's not much these little blue orbs can't do.

    The deep blue/purple colour of blueberries is a result of compounds called anthocyanins, powerful antioxidants that shield the skin from harmful free radicals. Free radicals break down skin cells and deplete collagen levels which are vital in helping your skin stay firm and healthy.

    Blueberries also help strengthen the vessel walls of the capillaries under the skin helping to prevent tiny red veins or “spider vines” from forming. For your skin care dose of blueberries, try our 24K Gold Aquagel Under Eye Patch.

    Shop 24K Gold Aquagel Under Eye Patch

    Skin Republic Skin Care Alphabet - B - Banana


    Go bananas! Banana extract is derived from the musa sapientum, or banana, and is a skin-conditioner. Research shows that banana extract can have antibacterial properties and is believed to be good for dry skin, with soothing and softening properties. It Contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, Iron, tryptophan, Vitamin B6 and B12. It also has Vitamin A that is beneficial as an antioxidant for healthy and improved skin. Try our Skin Republic Foot Peel for soft and silky smooth skin.

    Shop Foot Peel

     Skin Republic Skin Care Alphabet - B - Vitamin B

    Vitamin B5

    This isn't just your average vitamin. Vitamin B5 is so smart it absorbs moisture from the air to keep your skin hydrated. Yup you heard that right.

    It also has an anti-inflammatory effect that can help stimulate your skin's healing processes. Small quantities of vitamin B5 are found in most foods, but because you’d have to eat a lot to see any benefit, rather look for it in skin care products. To soothe the skin under your eyes, try our Retinol Hydrogel Under Eye Patch, armed with Vitamin B5.

    Shop Retinol Hydrogel Under Eye Patch

    Skin Republic Skin Care Alphabet - B - Blackberries


    Not only delicious in your morning muesli, blackberries also provide a whole bunch of healthy nutrients for your skin to thrive. Packed with vitamin C, which helps even skin tone and texture, it’s also a great source of vitamin A, K and antioxidants. Vitamin A may help slow signs of aging. Vitamin K may help fade scars, stretch marks and sun spots, and antioxidants help fight the effects of free radicals. What a vitamin combo! Try our 24K Gold Peel-Off Mask to get your blackberry fix.

    Shop 24K Gold Peel-Off Mask