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  • #SkinRules: How to reduce skin aging

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    #SkinRules: How to reduce skin aging

    Why does skin age?

    After the age of 20 a person produces one percent less collagen each year. As a result, the skin becomes more fragile with fine lines and wrinkles starting to appear. There is also the diminished functioning of the oil and sweat glands making skin drier. External factors such as, you guessed it, sun damage further speed up the skin’s aging process. Tobacco use, pollution and stress also all negatively contribute to skin aging.

    When should I start using anti aging products?

    Prevention is better than cure so start with antiaging products early. The best time to start incorporating anti aging products would be in your early 20s. Increasing the potency and number of products as you grow older.

    Can you stop aging?

    In short, no. But you can slow down aging and improve the look for your skin with skin care products. Susncreen is probably the closest thing you’ll get to be able to stop the signs of aging. Hydrating products like sheet masks are also a great skin pick me up as they intensely hydrate the skin plumping fine lines, wrinkles and improving skin texture.

    Which skin care ingredients are best to reduce sign of aging?


    Collagen is the antiaging skin care ingredient must have. Collagen plays a vital role in the health of your skin. As we know your collagen levels begin to decrease after the age of 20 however you can replace some of that lost collagen topically through masks and serums. Collagen improves not only the overall health of your skin but also minimizes facial contractions, the causes of wrinkles.


    Elastin works together with collagen to keep your skin firm and tight, giving skin the elasticity, it requires to bounce back after smiling or frowning. Elastin contains two amino acids that allow the skin to stretch and bounce back to its original position. When applied directly, elastin forms a film on the skin locking in hydration.

    Hyaluronic Acid

    As we age our skin tends to become more fragile and drier. Hyaluronic acid provides deep and intense hydration to skin. It’s so effective in fact its been name the world’s most hydrating skin care ingredient! Hyaluronic acid is excellent at not only replenishing lost moisture and hydrating the skin but also at providing long-lasting moisture, so your skin stays soft, smooth and hydrated throughout the day.

    Which skin care products are best for aging skin?

    We love using sheet masks with collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid – the ultimate trifactor at combating aging skin. The Skin Republic Collagen Infusion Face Mask should be the staple in any skin care cupboard. It’s works brilliantly at instantly making your skin look better – hydrating and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. Did we mention it contains elastin? We got your back!

    Now sometimes skin that’s a little more mature requires a bit more TLC. The Skin Republic Hyaluronic Boost Face Mask packs a serious anti-aging punch. Not only does the formulation contain a double dose of hyaluronic acid but the innovative foil backing covering the sheet mask improves the absorption rate of the serum and prevents evaporation. Providing an intensive anti-aging treatment.

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