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  • 6 Hand Masks We Love (Because hands deserve love too)

    2 min read

    6 Hand Masks We Love (Because hands deserve love too)

    Hands do a lot - way more than faces. Yet overworked, exhausted hands often get the short end of the skincare stick. AND with their constant exposure to the elements, hands are one of the first places to show signs of aging. Skin Republic is here to lend a helping hand with the launch of five new hand masks.

    The six best hand masks online - Skin Republic

    Retinol Hand Mask

    This ingredient does just about everything. Brightening, anti-aging, exfoliating, dark spot correcting. If there was a skin’s holy grail – this is it. This hand mask is enriched with retinol to help target five signs of aging: loss of firmness and elasticity, dark spots, freckles and dryness.

     The six best hand masks - Retinol Hand Masks - Skin Republic

    Exfoliating Hand Mask

    Containing alpha-hydroxy acids to soften and sooth, rough and dry hands. Helps brighten and reduce the appearance of sun damage, dark spots and freckles for an even skin tone. Hands are visibly clearer and feel silky-smooth.

    The six best hand masks - Exfoliating Hand Masks - Skin Republic

    Nail + Cuticle Hand Mask

    Nourishing growth treatment helps nails appear longer, stronger and healthier. Argan oil and Ceramides help moisturise and soften cuticles. Vitamin E helps strengthen nails from root to tip.

     The six best hand masks – Nail and Cuticle Hand Masks - Skin Republic

    Avocado Hand Mask

    Rich, buttery avocado oil infused hand mask deeply conditions with hyaluronic acid and vitamins to reveal smoother, softer hands. Locks in hydration, intensely nourishes and soothes for velvety-soft hands.

      The six best hand masks –  Nourishing Avo Hand Masks - Skin Republic

    24K Gold Hand Mask

    Inspired by salon treatments this luxurious 24K Gold hand mask infused with a powerful blend of plant extracts for supreme-softness.

    Warming thermotherapy technology helps rejuvenate dry, mature skin. Rose oil leaves hands delicately scented.

     The six best hand masks –  24k Gold Hand Masks - Skin Republic

    Hand Repair Mask

    Intense moisture care enriched with collagen, shea butter, vitamin E and 10 plant extracts help soothe and soften dry, rough hands. The anti-aging serum helps reduce the visible appearance of age spots for more youthful looking hands.

    The six best hand masks –  Hand Repair Masks - Skin Republic

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