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  • The one thing giving away your age

    2 min read

    The one thing giving away your age

    Apart from our faces, the skin on our hands is the most exposed to environmental aggressors. From hand washing to UV rays to daily activities, our hands go through the wringer. The underside (or the palmar surface) is thick and durable, however the upper side (the dorsal surface) is inherently thin and fragile. What makes matters worse is that we continue to lose skin plumping collagen and elastic as we age. We also have few sebaceous glands on the top of our hands. All this leads to our hands becoming drier and weaker, leading to the eventual development of wrinkles.

    The six best hand masks online - Skin Republic

    A recent study found that participants were able to accurately determine someone’s age by their hands. Compared to faces where we tend to pour most of our anti-aging efforts (and our wallets) in to.

    The six best hand masks online - Skin Republic

    Slathering hands in cream is just plain impractical – leaving everything you touch to turn into grease (if only it was gold). What if we told you, you can treat you hands while continuing with your scrolling, typing, double tapping, swiping and page turning? Our new range of hand masks are dual-layered and touch screen friendly which means the outside of the glove remains completely dry (so you don’t need to stop your swiping) and the inside is saturated with hand-loving serum. Now you don’t need to choose between treating your hands and scrolling your feed.

    The six best hand masks online - Skin Republic

    Not only do the dual-layered gloves allow you to swipe and double tap to your heart (or hand’s) content, they also trap heat, prevent evaporation and stop the serum from being rubbed off. This helps the skincare ingredients to penetrate deeper into the epidermis giving you an intensive spa type treatment.  Browse our selection of six hand masks here.